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Filtered table as filter argument (multiple columns predicate with AND and OR conditions over ALL table rows)

A FILTER function filtering ALL the rows of an entire table using AND and OR conditions on multiple columns is used as a filter argument in functions such as CALCULATE, CALCULATETABLE, etc.


Because the conditions are applied with an || operator, the multiple columns predicate must be kept in a single filter argument, without filtering an entire table.

In order to keep the same semantics as the original filter, apply REMOVEFILTERS on the previously iterated table because the iterator was over ALL of that table.

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Replace the Customer iterator with a REMOVEFILTERS over Customer, and move each && condition into a different filter argument, so the filter is applied only to the Customer[Continent], Customer[City], and Customer[Age] columns instead of filtering the entire Customer table.

Original code

    [Sales Amount],
    FILTER (
        ALL ( Customer ),
        Customer[Continent] = "North America" 
            && (Customer[Age] >= 21 || Customer[City] = "Brighton")

Possible optimization

    [Sales Amount],
    REMOVEFILTERS ( Customer ),
    KEEPFILTERS ( Customer[Continent] = "North America" ),
    KEEPFILTERS ( Customer[Age] >= 21 || Customer[City] = "Brighton" )